SIMSOFT INDUSTRY prizewinner of Inn'Ovations 2018: product of the future


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is awarded the prize “Product or Service of the Future” Contest Inn'Ovations 2018 the Occitan region.

Philippe Crespin, André Joly and Jean-Christophe VASSELON (all in the second line center) from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, with & rsquo; all winners Inn & rsquo; Ovations in Occitan 2018.


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts artificial intelligence to industrial production service. The start-up has developed intelligent voice assistants helpful to industry technicians in performing their duties.

"We are involved in the competitiveness cluster Aerospace Valley, and we have established links with the cluster Cancer Bio Health, with the idea of ​​a possible diversification into the medical field, indicated André Joly. We thought that our innovative approach based on intelligent voice assistant could have application in cognitive monitoring of patients with Alzheimer's disease. »

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has the ambition to build bridges between industry and health. From the intelligent voice assistant product for industrial companies, the start-up has developed a medical monitoring device for Alzheimer's disease. This development receives award “Product of the Future” Inn'Ovation the assistance of the Occitan region.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Grimault



"We believe that everyone has to gain by building bridges between industry and health. Being award in the Product category of the future gives us real credibility on this subject. This means that the jury sees in our company's ability to introduce a breakthrough innovation in this particular field. This is a support over the part of the Economic Development Agency Regional, following us since the beginning of our adventure ", welcomes the leader.


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