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In the Industrial area


The digital revolution is a growing phenomenon that is spreading in all sectors of industry. From the smallest to the biggest, the merchant to industrial, everyone is concerned with what is now called : l’industry 4.0 where the fourth industrial revolution (in France this initiative is called factory of the future).
Production units are modernized, to automate and digitize gradually to optimize the performance of theIndustrial production tool customer service.

Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory

It is in this context, INDUSTRY SIMSOFT the software publisher, is revolutionizing the industry by using advanced technologiesartificial intelligence to put men and women in production at the heart of industrial process. Men and women are the technicians in charge of quality production, and are the main issue in the success of any initiative industry 4.0.
Actor leader inArtificial intelligence in France, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops intelligent voice assistant for Industry 4.0.

The voice assistants Intelligent SIMSOFT INDUSTRY specialize in voice guidance operators and hot structuring their feedback.
SIMSOFT INDUSTRY propose des voice assistants designed for tasks in the industrial world. L'innovation leader you SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, improves man-machine interactions through a dialog manager Natural language.

The benefits of the introduction of digital technologies

Manufacturers who adopt technologiesartificial intelligence derive real benefits. Indeed, these use them to :
establish fault diagnosis or of Industrial maintenance. in short, the key factorincreased productivity in a smart factory is the ability of it to anticipate and forestall downtime and maximize efficiency and equipment maintenance.
This involves the use of a Industrial fault diagnosis software to measure the performance of your production equipment and set up an alert system to guard against failure by intervening before failure.

The introduction of intelligent voice assistants like VOGOF, will have a decisive impact on the reliability, l’optimizing operations maintenance and lower the costs routine maintenance. This is called predictive maintenance that goes beyond curative maintenance and this is only possible with the voice assistant of industrial SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

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By involving technicians, machines, and experts, the man / machine interaction, the industrial breakdown diagnostic software guided by the voice allows technicians to be oriented in different phases of treatment and failure diagnosis.

More specifically the data stored daily by the industrial maintenance software, in addition to feedback on the production lines, offer the opportunity to capitalize a significant know-how through a back field experience to analyze feedback from the rapidly machine and natural. The wizard interacts with document databases, actions or knowledge bases (know how) and is able to provide the operator with contextualized help on the task it is trying to achieve.

The system is a VOGOF industrial software guided by the voice. The mission of the intelligent voice assistant is to simplify human-system connection in the technological 4.0 increasingly complex, and thus improve product quality control tasks.

The Industrial voice assistants, complement your industrial software (business software), they will allow your technicians to qualify the statement by the voice of measurement. A report is then automatically generated by the software industry analysis, which facilitates the work of your technicians and allows them to focus on their mission.

Eliminate non-quality

our finding, need to note or to use a PC or tablet. You have completely free hand, equipped with microphone, you interact by voice naturally with the machine. Speech recognition is the technique that automatically transcribe sound as a fluid way of text between different production stations to make a statement of non-conformity.

Goal : eliminate non-quality
Convinced that the results will be more relevant, we believe the multiple benefits of the Smart Kit VOGOF. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has unique expertise to integrate voice interfaces in complex industrial environments. Breathe new life into your business !


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