SIMSOFT Industry to meet Granby Industrial, Québec, Canada.

The agglomeration of Granby Industrial and Community SICOVAL are two economic areas with similarities and common interests. Both organizations encourage their business communities to develop and maintain close relationships with their foreign vis-à-vis, promoting the organization of activities, exchanges and meetings.

In this context, displacement of a delegation of companies to Sicoval Granby organized the 14 the 18 October 2019.

SIMSOFT Industry is very pleased and proud to take part, to build relationships with future partners in Quebec, and to implement the desired inter-company developments and sponsored by the Sicoval and Granby Industrial.

SIMSOFT Industry will participate in the various highlights of this trip: after a visit Center for Innovation and Industrial Technology Granby, Quebec women are provided with company visits, and French companies in Québec. SIMSOFT Industry individually present their know-how and its voice assistants solutions dedicated to operators and technicians, and confront, on this occasion, his vision of the voice digitization 4.0 the realities of a North American industry basin. SIMSOFT Industry aims to offer voice solutions implementable everywhere, and these meetings, whatever the commercial outcome, will be rich discoveries and teachings.

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Press Contact : Laura PALACIN,, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 26 84 55 58


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY developed the first Assistant Vocal Intelligent 100% dedicated technicians Industry 4.0. L’assistant vocal intelligent SPIX is operational in industrial use conditions in Solution VOGOF and Solution eXtend. with SPIX, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in voice guidance operators, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

SPIX is a trademark and a registered design of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY (INPI Ref : 19 4528 622 and 19 4 528 627)