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One young Start-up innovante at a national and international leader in the Publishing, integration and software development dedicated to innovative industrial, the result did not wait for SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, who bet on artificial intelligence has been able to develop a revolutionary solution for trades industrial production through voice assistants capable of guiding by the technicians voice and production operators, in maintenance, in metrology a one Quality Control.

Broken down by sector, technologies for synthesis and speech Recognition, and dialogue in natural language made by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY seduced in no time large industrial accounts anxious toimprove productivity their technicians and operators, d’automate tasks, to relieve the human and facilitate access to information and its transmission to the company.

The revolution 4.0 serving the automotive sector

Theautomobile industry is changing, this is an area at the forefront of technology and innovation where consumers are constantly looking for a high level of safety and comfort. The manufacturers and industry suppliers now have to invest not only meet customer needs, but also comply with regulatory standards, to address the growing digital development.
Therefore theautomobile industry faces a big deal : stay competitive while controlling a production process digitized. So, the use of new technologies requires an adaptation of modes of production as part of a quality approach as :

  • The control of production processes
  • Cost optimization
  • Sharing information
  • The development of flexible production processes and efficient resource
  • The implementation of a workflow for research and treatment of dysfunctions.

Among the solutions proposed by industrial automotive, it cites self-control, research and cooperative development. In this intelligent solution SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is timely to support the industrial sector in their digital transition. A technology that has a direct influence on the various car production cycles.

Comment ? SIMSFOT INDUSTRY, offers Smart voice assistant, Compatible with World tasks of theautomobile industry. This is a automotive software which improves the human-machine interaction through a natural language dialog manager, interfaced with the information system of the company on the one hand, while freeing hands and eyes of the operator to improve productivity, reduce non-quality and facilitate the daily work.

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Why a voice assistant ?

The principle ofVoice assistant automotive industry, is to give instructions by voice so that your technicians have hands free to manipulate their tools and perform better in their work. It frees them from the stress of handling low-value IT tools.
So, when the voice of power for automotive software is combined with the quality and reliability of data, the system VOGOF (Voice Guided Operations on the Field), then the only answer to the needs of all professionals in theautomobile industry.
Indeed, in an increasingly automated production environment, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, leader automobile production software, acts to reduce non-quality generated at all production lines with advanced technology, with instant feedback of information transmitted verbally in natural language by the operator to its assistant vocal, for immediate crop during critical stages.

More concretely, to support faults and solve problems with quality and efficiency, each player uses his own field experience. In addition, Technicians need to be supported 24h / 24 and 7/7 by experts for knowledge capitalization, something that is not always possible given the turnover on production lines. Where a transmission problem expertise in assembling parts, considered a complex technical process. Faced with this major disadvantage, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, leader software quality control car, shall apply to technicians a complete user experience. L’assistant vocal intelligent VOGOF, interacts with them by instantly offering their observation of defects, supported by training the post.

Technical characteristics of the Smart Kit VOGOF ?

Smart VOGOF Kit integrates all the functions of the intelligent voice assistant VOGOF, integrated with the equipment required for its implementation. This includes a natural language dialog manager, and voice recognition. It is operational instantly, requires no connection and works perfectly in a high sound working environment.
Le Smart Kit VOGOF, consists of :

  • A Windows tablet 12 '' with hardened shell
  • A headset Bluetooth wireless
  • A listing editor of simple instructions
  • A complex instruction sheet (demonstration)
  • A month of instruction sheets creation service
  • 1 year rental software VOGOF (Voice Guided Operations on the Field).
  • 2 hours distant training


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