Benefits VOGOF System

In the construction field


The innovation and digital transformation is now considered major strategic issues for companies in all sectors. With the acceleration, innovations and technological advances, l’artificial intelligence broadens perspectives, especially in the field of project management in construction (Buildings and public works).

The development and growth of the construction sector since 2015 opened the way for SIMSOFT INDUSTRY established in 2013, now they confirm their position as European leader in Smart voice assistant for the current transformation to industries 4.0. New synergies are being created between large sector accounts and innovative start-ups.

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D interactive rendering, robotics, IOT, and intelligent voice assistant technology innovations are generally used by technicians and operators on the ground.
It is in this sense that SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, software publisher based on artificial intelligence, has developed a powerful dialog manager natural language that interacts with a dynamic machine according to the context. The user experience between a technician and a sometimes complex digital environment is so greatly improved.

Technology that assists men and women in the industry

Taking advantage of the dynamics of the industrial sector, and that the construction, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, quickly introduced a breakthrough innovation for the production workshops and maintenance area, ensuring access to functions developed under the system VOGOF (Vocaly Assisted Operations) that naturally integrates with an enterprise information system.

Our proactive assistant and intelligent capitalizes unique expertise to integrate voice interfaces in complex industrial environments. So for technicians, and maintenance personnel, instead of taking notes on paper or to remove their safety gloves for entering computer data, operators have only to set out the necessary information and vocally VOGOF ensures that this information is valid, consistent with the reference and stored in the right place. The man / machine interaction allows :

  • View maintenance processes : preventive, curative, and safety procedures.
  • Having data mobility, even offline.
  • Assign the number of resources and instantly visualize load plans.
  • Grasp exactly the intervention reports.


Adapt maintenance 4.0 industrial BTP

To ensure the safety of a building and the proper functioning of associated equipment, the maintenance operations will be adapted and optimized. The maintenance issue 4.0 lies in the efficient processing of data collected by field operators, to detect anomalies and anticipate failures.
Certainly, the use of Software Maintenance buildings by voice, reduces the handling of the paper support, but to make it even more efficient and operate perfectly the potential of the latter, the maintenance professionals should trust SIMSOFT INDUSTRY for its simplicity, reliability and scalability. You just enter the ground floor in predictive maintenance.

Operational voice guidance
, includes all maintenance software, materials and methods necessary for the implementation of a voice guided. This will streamline the organization of the maintenance actions, minimize response times and maximize the overall effectiveness of your teams.
By fostering communication via the ingenious voice assistant VOGOF, your technicians are gaining mobility, in interconnectivity and efficiency. The VOGOF system knows your business, and you in your infrastructure inspection missions and Maintenance of buildings, to minimize construction costs and improve reliability and safety works.

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VOGOF, voice assistant construction, facilitates collaborative monitoring from design to delivery. L’interaction Human / Machine, limit design errors by analyzing the failures before and during construction sites. The exchange of unencrypted information, Natural, between operators, technicians and the control platform, reduces wasted time and allows corrective action or optimal decision.
The voice for construction software, provides the ability to bypass the operational organization problems for better site management. It integrates with your existing applications to enrich all the functions where voice interaction and intelligent assistance has a real added value. Fact, the database Construction management software, is updated, and instantly up-to-date with every intervening As of site progress.

Result : the system VOGOF, works perfectly in your work environment. It fosters collaboration among your technicians, your operators and decision frameworks. As, assistance for the empowerment interventions on a building site :

  • Allow your technicians to orally state the measurements for recording measurements, the statement of observations.
  • Luggage and qualifies defects simply by voice software for construction.
  • Assist operators in solving their problems through the voice assistant construction.

Construction site 4.0 and driving gear !

Although we speak ofartificial intelligence and D'industry 4.0 at the forefront of technology, No risk does not exist. Indeed in all projects and especially in the construction an accident involving a vehicle is always possible. The reduction of injury accidents in the construction sector is a top priority 1 for industrial sector.
L’assistant vocal intelligent du leader SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, guides the driver in his Driving gear by querying the GPS system, detectors, etc… The VOGOF operating system can receive voice alerts for, identify the people in the vicinities, move safely and assist the operator in analyzing its environment.
Finally, the system VOGOF, is a smart trainer, it helps drivers "novices" to form and attends the handling construction machine. L’assistant vocal secures the conductors of interventions during critical or dangerous steps, it can take into account to promote good behavior, but also bad to avoid in order to broaden the spectrum of possible situations.

To conclude the advantages of intelligent voice guidance VOGOF system for technicians and construction of field operators can be summarized in 5 points :

1. Elimination and reduction of errors
2. Control of construction costs and construction time
3. Collaboration cognitive
4. Better prediction of building durability
5. Increased productivity
6. Improved industrial performance
7. paperless


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