SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has won RMC SMEs trophies for the Occitan region, in the category “creative”.

RMC SME awards were announced on 19 September 2019 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier. André DELJARRY, President 1st Vice-President of the ICC Occitan was present at the ceremony.
SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is the winner in the "creative" category with its intelligent voice assistant SPIX. SPIX is dedicated to industry technicians. This trophy rewards the meeting between an industrial SME and industrial ecosystem research competitiveness and responsible growth.

The trophy the RMC SMEs 19 September 2019 CCI Montpellier: Joëlle TORTA, Guillame MERLIN, Isabelle Grollier (with SPIX !), and André Joly

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