Benefits VOGOF System

For the Aerospace field


The project development focused on structuring of feedback "client" and support interactions human-system by voice in a highly sharp industrial, For SIMSOFT INDUSTRY special challenge for itself as French and European leader in the development of Software wizards Voice Intelligent dedicated technicians to theaviation industry. This issue is supported by the industry revolution 4.0 being in all segments of the industry and that of theaviation and in particular spatial.
Furthermore the field ofAerospace, also no exception to the rule, and is emerging as the consumer sector with high added value products and advanced technology.

In the age of digitalisation, big data and artificial intelligence are terms that sound very, INDUSTRY SIMSOFT that has made its spearhead.

Convinced of the potential impact of a Smart Voice Assistant for the industry and the recognized expertise of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY in designing a operational solution in an industrial environment, the area theaerospace today is very concerned by the industrial implementation of these new tools.
Indeed, to return to Smart voice assistant from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, the challenge lies mainly in improving the production capacity through assistance with the tasks by technicians and operators manual, by increasing the level of expertise of technicians and operators with a aerospace production software guided by the voice. Such innovative tool allows better management of the manufacturing process, voice to Aeronautical software allowing better control of production processes and thus reduce delivery times.

The goal is for industrial :

  • Optimize the runtimes manual tasks, resources and costs while maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • Reduce non-quality produced. This requires rethinking available basically setting information necessary for workplace. The voice assistant aerospace industry, aims to present the best operators in achieving their tasks are often manual (Mechanical precision parts for aerospace industry).
  • Speed ​​and autonomy in the execution of a task, be agile by providing all the information available by simply asking a assistant vocal.

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In addition, with VOGOF system (Voice Guided Operations on the Field) the operator views, control the quality produced, with the help of a assistant vocal but retaining responsibility for his actions. It can correct any anomalies during the assembly phase of the pieces going up the information to track and share nonconformities at any problems encountered.
In other words, multimodal interface of theSmart Voice Assistant for the industry is able to recover all the know-how, since theaerospace industry is a complex activity where we can all describe and memorize everything. This is the case of the satellite payload, which is the set of parts and equipment we can embark on a satellite. These parts must comply with norms and standards that must be correctly decrypted when satellite monitoring production phase.
In this context, TTS then enhances understanding instructions, interacts with document databases, actions or knowledge bases when the voice for aerospace software becomes the only mode used on the production line.

Ensure the efficiency of your industrial equipment, increase industrial performance

In L’aviation, maintenance is a demanding activity. Maintenance operations must be regular and are mandatory. Interfaced with the Aerospace Maintenance Software, le Smart Kit VOGOF, is a operational tool perfect for your technicians, which allows to analyze the data collected on the various positions to achieve complex maintenance operations.

This data can be : a nomenclature of spare parts, technical and functional device tree, the equipment availability rates, Planning preventive ranges, the request for intervention, etc. …. To increase the life of equipment and reduce ultimately the maintenance rate


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