VOGOF - Assistant vocal pour industrie
Leader in intelligent voice assistant for industry technicians
VOGOF - Assistant vocal pour industrie
Quickly experience the benefits of voice for your business
VOGOF - Assistant vocal pour industrie
Transmission of professional know-how in the industry
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is a software publisher, the world leader in Voice Intelligent Assistants dedicated to industry technicians

VOGOF is a unique smart voice assistant able to help me in my technical tasks.

VOGOF is also the best way to add the power of voice to my operational tools.

Our users: the fieldworkers from the industry

Production Technician who works with VOGOF


Production Technician

changing dimension responsible machine in the automobile

I manufacture parts, I make, factory, sold, cable, cut, run machines ...

I work in a shop, there is noise : I wear earplugs. I do not have internet on my post !

" Thanks to VOGOF, my hands are free to do my job. It helps me to follow instructions that change often, I ask him where I am in my work and what I have to do . »

Expert in metrology working with VOGOF


Expert in Metrology

aeronautical machining metrology

I check, I measure, calibrate, control, adjust, valued…

I often work in edge line, or machining center release. There is noise and I wear gloves.

"With eXtend, finished recopies measures and keyboard / mouse : I verbally tell the result of my measurement, eXtend confirmed, send to my business software, Here we go ! »

quality control manager who works with VOGOF


Quality Control Manager

Food Quality Controller

I observe, check, compare, analyse, certify, report, measured…

I do random sampling, I walk through the factory, I note manufacturing defects. I am very mobile.

« eXtend my full professional software, it allows me to meet and qualify through the voice the flaws I observed. My report is then generated automatically, which makes my job easier and allows me to concentrate on my work. »

Maintenance technician who works with VOGOF


Maintenance technician

Maintenance energy infrastructure

I receive, detect, analyse, repair, change, inspecte, report…

I often work in the emergency, indoor or outdoor. My interventions are varied and often critical .

"With VOGOF, I have a smart assistant to answer my questions anywhere and anytime. It's really interesting for critical or rare operations. I also saves time by recording my observations by voice. »

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