Benefits VOGOF System

For the Energy field


The concept of’Industry 4.0 implies the prospect of a new industrial Revolution which combines advanced manufacturing techniques, the benefits of’Internet of Things (IOT) and the operational implementation of technologiesartificial intelligence to create management systems and manufacturing processes that are not only interconnected, but which communicate, analyze and use information to drive intelligent action at each stage of production lines and supply.

Dematerialization and digitalization of production tools are for industrial obvious to maximize their economic and environmental performance (mainly for the energy industries). The challenge for them is to integrate human and its relation to new digital uses very early in the evolution of their production tools approach.

In any industry sector, the company's interest to maximize productivity, the quality, and the performance of its production processes, by consolidating the expertise of these technicians. The technology applied to this transformation 4.0 is one of the major axes of the intelligent digitizing process and more particularly in the field of energy, in the heart of the latest technology.

Reinventing the factory tomorrow

To overcome the challenges of competition, competitiveness and production to meet the needs of consumers and internal customers SIMSOFT INDUSTRY innovates. The field of Energy is evolving and reinventing. Today & rsquo; hui, manufacturers are driven by new technologies that are revolutionizing the practices and businesses.
Anticipating the needs of industrial material year ofartificial intelligence, SIMSFOT INDUSTRY, editor artificial intelligence software, designs and develops SmartVoice Assistant. This system provided the technicians the ability to record their observations and to access more information by voice. This allows them to be proactive, more productive and secure their interventions, because they no longer need to use a computer to record their action, nor to be guided by a third, but simply equipped with a headset and microphone to interact vocally with a PC, a tablet or a PLC. Leaving the operator full possession of his hands and eyes to perform its tasks.

So, the technician, will unfold its range, interact with work instructions, ask for explanations, to access photos, to videos, in 3D animation, access problems resolutions bases and trace the problems encountered in the field. The role of dialog manager Natural language, is to improve communication between the operator and the company's information system.

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Advantages of Intelligent Assistants Voice of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY

Developed exclusively by engineers and researchers SIMSFOT INDUSTRY, the energy generation software allows a field technician to perform its tasks independently, while enjoying a voice guided effective. for example, such assistance can be realized with a reminder of instructions and procedures to follow in emergencies. The main challenge of energy industries is to increase production efficiency, while maintaining zero defect, 100% security for people and property.
Through the use of a Smart Voice Assistant for the industry, the technician better carry out its tasks, information more about the ground realities and secures its intervention, he took part in optimizing production, maintenance and energy efficiency of plants. In emergency situations, the technician must make a quick decision and concrete, on the basis of qualified information, explained, effective and customized. L’assistant vocal intelligent, allows the technician, with his own words in the VOGOF system, to control by voice access to validated information, and not by an ordinary system of control by keywords.

Non-intrusive, voice guides operators, during the various stages of construction, having a traceability on progress reports the site.
To that, adds the return of the user experience. Indeed thanks to lifts situations on land and funding information, the technician is formed in situ, with the construction documents at hand and accessible via interaction with l’assistant vocal, conducts surveys of observations and measurements recorded by a game of question / answer with its voice assistant (a dialogue in natural language).
A checklist is then operated in real time, allowing the technician to perform the inspection of facilities. The technicians and operators will be able to go by the voice field nonconformities rapidly from the specified control points.

Conclusion, l’artificial intelligence the system VOGOF, allows technicians and stakeholders on site benefit from the right information, at the right time. What about when maintenance ? At the heart of the industries 4.0, the proper operation of machinery and equipment requires intelligent management of maintenance. Among the strengths of the system VOGOF : the use of voice and natural language dialogue reduces the adaptation time and training technicians to master the maintenance tasks to achieve. Effectively, the request for additional information on a task, photo manipulation and video media types by voice enable faster training of technicians on a work instruction. Your same newly recruited technician, enjoys an assistant to answer questions, dialogue with the machine, apply the most efficient settings to carry out maintenance mission.

Value humans by stains added values

The assembly technicians, of maintenance, of Quality Control, use the system function VOGOF experience feedback directly from their fixed workstation or on the move. The tool of feedback and course information VOGOF lift allows the operator to generate data related to its observation and field experience.

The tool of feedback and VOGOF field information ascent is fully in this trend confirmed market. It is designed to be deployed on lightweight devices, integrated workstation (tablets, smartphones …) to enable manufacturers to make best use of information from the field and operators. This exploitation of massive data from the field with big data algorithms enable manufacturers to better manage their human intervention and thus to increase the industrial performance their facilities.


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