The day of a developer at SIMSOFT INDUSTRY !

How to work with the developer of SIMSOFT Industry ?

Jean Christophe ROY, developer at SIMSOFT INDUSTRY explains a typical day in the company.

” We are a couple of developers divided into different teams at the discretion of the projects and products.

My day is punctuated by the "Daily", the "Sprint Planning" and "Planning Poker" management "Agile" used in SIMSOFT Industry. These moments allow me to verbally share the progress of my work other than through tickets "DevOps" or "Jira" and to share with other project members difficulties I encounter ; it gives me a "voltage diminueur" and a good tool to organize my days.

In development, if an important issue appears, we can find ourselves to discuss technical or rather technical draw around a "whiteboard", that famous picture essential because a picture is worth a thousand words.

What also interested me in SIMSOFT industry, is the diversity of used techno, « C# », "Synthesis and Voice Recognition", " HE ", « WPF », « Angular », « Reactive programming ». Despite my lack of knowledge in some of these technologies, SIMSOFT Industry has not hesitated to trust me by focusing on my curiosity, my learning ability and strong technical support.

Another highlight at SIMSOFT Industry is the presence of a team centered "users and workstations" composed ergonomists and designers who study the work environment end users before creating interfaces tools we develop. This has the air of nothing, but also that the customer is integrated into the cycle of creation tools that will be delivered to him, it frees developers from taking any decision on the "UI Design" applications, I feel like saying "to each his work".

Finally, two words on the field actually made by projects in SIMSOFT Industry. Deliveries and collections are all the necessary travel opportunities for clients, in factories and offices and immersion in different industries. “

Jean-Chistophe ROY, developer at SIMSOFT INDUSTRY

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