Vogof Player
Proactive Voice Assistant for industrial production
Analysis and transmission of feedback
Transmission of professional know-how in the industry
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SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is a software publisher, European leader Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to industry technicians

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Our software products

Put people at the heart of industrial production tomorrow

Proactive voice assistants dedicated to industrial production technicians. A software suite for your needs: version Standard, Pro et Expert.

A unique way to equip REX industrial process and analyze structured data, capitalized hot operation by technicians.

A publisher of digitized instructions enriched for a unique experience with voice guidance Vogof Player in the field.

An analysis of field experience feedback tool capitalized hot by your technicians with Vogof REX.

A transmission tool expertise, available at the workplace, Training, or real desktops simulated.

An editor to empower the capitalization of technical know-how of experts in industrial production operators.

Your industrial fields

Make all your your best technician technicians

Your users benefit

Operational responses to production issues

Improve productivity of your operators

Reliable maintenance operations

Better use of equipment

Reduce non-quality

our Technologies

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence at the service of industry 4.0

proactive intelligent assistant

Specializing in a profession or process, its mission is to provide operational support expected by a technician during the performance of its tasks

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Speech synthesis

Statement of instructions, return safety rules, sharing expertise ... it orally transmits information to the desktop like a guardian

Voice recognition

Acknowledge tasks, Hot experience feedback ... it frees the hands of the operators, allowing them to speak naturally to the machine by voice

Icone ondes
Dialogue icone

The dialogue in natural language

It analyzes the floor operators, extracts the meaning and context during interactions, then return answers or relevant issues