Smart KIT Vogof

Experiencing the benefit of the voice in your factories !



Quality Control


Smart Kit VOGOF

“experience the voice in your factories”

Smart Kit Vogof concentrates the best technology SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and allows full user experience for voice guidance technicians in industrial production, quality control, metrology and maintenance.

“Allow your technicians live voice experience !”

Smart Kit VOGOF contains* :

  • A hardened case
  • A tablet with cured shell
  • A headset
  • An instruction sheets editor
  • An instruction sheet of your business
  • A month of records creation service
  • 1 an de location Vogof (Vocally Assisted Operations, powered by SPIX).
    *details on request / quotation

Smart Kit VOGOF may be supplemented by thematic studies of ergonomics and materials into an operational tool adapted to your operators and their working environment. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY owns a unique expertise in the integration of voice interfaces in complex industrial environments.

Further work can be done with the office methods and management information systems to integrate this tool into your internal system.