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Extending Your business software by voice assistance services





EXtend services - integrated voice guidance to your business software

Embed the power of voice and intelligent assistance in your business tools to simplify the use of your applications by your technicians, rapidly introduce a breakthrough innovation in your workshops, and return on investments already made.
eXtend can extend range for use in your business applications : voice interaction eliminates the need of the visual media or a screen. Technicians can interact with your business applications, without having to carry a binding IT support.

"Photo © Vallourec 2019 »

eXtend integrates into existing applications (GMAO, GPAO, MY, HER) to enrich all the functions where voice interaction and intelligent assistance has a real added value :

  • eXtend integrates with your internal processes validated,
  • eXtend fits your business vocabulary,
  • eXtend leverages your existing procedures and instructions,
  • eXtend more reliable work of your operators,
  • eXtend frees their hands and eyes of your technicians,
  • eXtend includes your technicians : they can work ...

eXtend provides the voice outreach functions of your business applications :

  • Navigating a work instruction,
  • Research and manipulating photos or documents,
  • Operating trades dictionaries,
  • Operations FAQ,
  • Working action guide :
    – acquittal tasks,
    – statement qualitative measurement
    – statement of quantitative measurement
  • Transmission safety instructions,
  • Site survey findings (REX elements),
  • Help with the decision, tracking charts,
  • common voice assistance services.
Example eXtend services integrated with IBM Maximo software (image ©IBM 2019)
eXtend integrated into a professional software dedicated to tunneling drivers (Image © Bouygues 2019)

eXtend works in your industrial work environment:

  • Noise Management
  • works 100% embedded
  • Unfolds on your standard hardware, hardened, ATEX,..
  • With headphone and microphone adapted to the constraints of your technicians
  • Compatible Windows, IOS and Android