Vogof Player Professional

Instructions enriched digitized workplace

Manipulation d’instructions digitalisées enrichies pour une expérience complète d’interaction homme-système par la voix au poste de travail.

Vogof Player Pro offers advanced operating services of digitized instructions enriched, accessible via a complete experience of human-system interaction by voice. With the editor Vogof Studio in charge of creating enriched instruction and manage information feedback from the field, Vogof Player Pro integrate into customer business process.

  • Identification of operators,
  • Monitoring enriched digitized procedure (text, photo, video, 3D, link to external documentation) free mode,
  • acquittal, double en multimodal,
  • Statement of quantitative and qualitative measurement tables,
  • Back standard experience (media, annotation, classification),
  • Automatic personalized service report generation.

Vogof Player PRO can be dedicated to a wide range of business areas or in industry : fabrication, setting, assembly, maintenance, construction, operation and quality control.

Vogof Player PRO is a complete solution that includes interface means adapted to your operators and their environment: