Vogof Player

Operations guided by the voice in the workplace

“A suite of proactive voice assistants dedicated to industrial production technicians”

Vogof Player is a software assistants controlled by voice, dedicated to industrial production technicians to help them achieve their manufacturing type jobs, maintenance, installation, assembly, setting, inspection and quality control.

  • Vogof Player operates digitized instructions enriched, that contain structured data to be transmitted (instructions, photos, videos, animations 3D, documents, contact points) and recover the user (acquittal, measures, photos, videos, Returns of experience, noncompliance…).

  • Vogof Player generates a structured intervention report, whose format and content are defined in accordance with the customer repository.

Vogof Player is available as a software as standard (VgSTD), professional Version (VgPRO), and an expert Version (VgEXP) the module including Vogof REX dedicated to the collection of Experience Returns (REX) full of errors such procedures (redline), description of problems encountered in the field, and resolution strategy employed.

Vogof Player Standard provides a set of standard services accessible by voice, which allow the realization of a monitoring range and a simple ground information feedback.
  • simple text monitoring procedure (title, action, explication) in sequential mode,
  • simple multimodal acquittal
  • quantitative and qualitative measurement readings
  • Back standard experience (media, annotation, classification)
  • Automatic intervention report generation.
Compared to the standard version, Vogof Player Pro offers advanced operating services of digitized instructions enriched, accessible via a complete experience of human-system interaction by voice. With the editor Vogof Studio in charge of creating enriched instruction and manage information feedback from the field, Vogof Player Pro integrate into customer business process.

  • Identification of operators,
  • Monitoring enriched digitized procedure (text, photo, video, 3D, link to external documentation) free mode,
  • acquittal, double en multimodal,
  • Statement of quantitative and qualitative measurement tables,
  • Automatic personalized service report generation.

Compared to the professional version, the version Vogof Player Expert allows unwound from digitized instructions according enriched complex business heuristics, and the rise of hot-advanced feedback from the workstation.
  • digitalized monitoring procedure enriched by complex business heuristics,
  • advanced collection of feedback Strategies,
  • Electronic signature of an intervention report,
  • Help for problem solving.

Vogof Player allows industrial technician to better grasp and understand his work instructions, reliability of its operations and make more easily ground Information lifts.

Vogof Player propose 3 main duties, voice-driven, Dedicated technicians :

  1. Guiding the technician intervention,
  2. The establishment of a structured intervention report,
  3. The construction of tracking metrics elements.
voice recognition software

the voice

Beyond simple voice commands, intelligent proactive wizard begins the conversation with the user. It includes what is said and who said it.


Vogof Player is centered carrier, actions, performing tasks, problems solving. Associated with the solution Kontact (capitalization of know-how) developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, Vogof Player improves the dissemination of best practices, business secrets and work routines.

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With Vogof Player, human-system interaction are more intuitive and natural. Vogof Player has a dual approach Technological and Human and Social Sciences (SHS).

Vogof Player can be dedicated to a wide range of business areas or in industry : fabrication, setting, assembly, maintenance, construction, operation and quality control.

Vogof Player is a complete solution that includes interface means adapted to your operators and their environment: