Industry SIMSOFT technologies for industry 4.0

Dialog in natural language

Preserving the tradition of orality operators when addressing a system

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has developed a powerful natural language dialog manager that interacts with a machine dynamically depending on context. Going beyond a preprogrammed list of questions / responses expected, our dialog manager allows the understanding of a greater number of exchanges and allows the speaker turns to refine a request of an operator or to clarify its response. The user experience has naturally strengthened. Adding an own ontology to a business specializing the dialog manager and makes the virtual assistant SIMSOFT INDUSTRY "intelligent" in its support for the operator.

Vocal synthesis

Releasing the eyes of a technician workplace, improve understanding instructions

Speech synthesis allows the machine to speak with the voice and in a very large number of languages. fully configurable (intonation, timbre, debit, accent, man Woman) and able to recreate the voice of a particular person, it humanizes and makes more efficient the traditional man-machine interaction in particular to strengthen understanding instructions or when the voice becomes the only usable modality workstation.

Smart Professional Assistant

Help the operator at the right time in the right place and the right way

The proactive and intelligent assistant developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY adapts to the operator's business, understands their needs and responds to requests on the ground. Relying on a powerful natural language dialog manager, he drives a multimodal interface (voice, tactile, text, diagram, photo, video, 3D) and can support advanced optical detection means, the Internet of Things (IoT) or augmented reality (AR). The wizard interacts with document databases, actions or knowledge bases (know how) and is able to bring to the operator a specific help, using the context of his current task..

The mission of the proactive assistant is to simplify human-system connection in the technological environment of increasingly complex industry that will 4.0 ..

Speech Recognition

Freeing the hands of an industrial operator

At the crossroads of science such as computer, linguistics, statistics and phonology, Voice recognition is the technique that automatically transcribe sound in the form of a text. Voice recognition allows such control-order a more fluid way system. The mastery of this complex technique allows even SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develop human-machine interfaces (HIM) where the main interaction is performed through voice : seeking information, acknowledgment when performing spots, taking measurements, collection of feedback, Advanced navigation application. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has recognized expertise in building a complete speech recognition solution depending on the considered industrial environment : ambient noise, focus operators, multilingual, material constraints, When connected / not connected, large vocabulary ...