Interaction Vocale

Humanize the relationship with the machine

Integrate operational voice recognition in your applications

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY control and operates the majority of speech synthesis software components available on the market (Nuance, Voxygen, Google, Microsoft).

Reuse of generic voice customization of the voice of a particular person, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY helps you find the best speech solution for operational use in your industrial context.

voice recognition software

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has unique experience in France on the integration of existing speech recognition solutions in the industrial environment. Taking into account your environmental constraints (ambient noise, dust, ATEX or electromagnetic environment, Securing computer data) as well as those of your operators (Usability at the post, reuse of existing equipment, Management accents, multilingual profiles), we find appropriate hardware and software solutions, robust and reliable.

Experience SIMSOFT INDUSTRY relies on implementation of technological benchmarks performed continuously in industry. We have to own a wide range of materials that we offer you during experiments.