Vogof Studio

instruction preparation guided by voice in the workplace

“A publisher of digitized instructions enriched for a unique experience voice guidance”

Vogof Studio is an editor of digitized instructions enriched, dedicated to method and quality engineers. This editor can generate rich content to exploit the functions of the intelligent voice assistant Vogof Player, dedicated technicians in industrial production field.

  • Vogof Studio a digitized instruction editor enriched for a unique experience with voice guidance Vogof Player in the field.
  • Vogof Studio an analysis tool for field experience feedback capitalized hot with your techniciens with Vogof-REX.

Vogof Studio allows methods desktop engineering or quality management to generate rich content associated with instructions and technicians work procedures and production operators.

The objectives of Vogof Studio are:

  • Simplifying the generation of digitized instructions enriched, adapted to the technicians working environments, in compliance with the rules and constraints of the client's business.
  • Simplify the integration of operators returns in the context of business processes REX.
voice recognition software

voice experience

Vogof Studio allows you to configure the use of voice, synthesis and recognition, to optimize the production user experience. This configuration can make the most of a combination of rich content (documents, photos, video) and steering by voice.

better assist

The structuring of the information presented to the operator during the performance of its tasks is fundamental to increase its production performance. Vogof Studio configures all the media available to the operator and to set up an information presentation strategy.

Dialog Manager

business dialogue

Depending on the customer's business heuristics, Vogof Studio to configure modules dialog strategies Vogof Player. for example, a critical task, a double acquittal dialogue can be requested.