Studio Kontact

Capitalization tool technical expertise

“Capitalization of technical know-how of industrial production operators”

The software Studio Kontact operates media pictures / videos to help formalize a trade expert at the skills it implements when performing its duties. The support of pictures or video gives aid to expert in its elicitation approach its expertise.

The software Studio Kontact fits into an overall strategy for knowledge management with a set of methods and tools support to build a base of knowledge alive and easily reusable including for training purposes, training workplace, and additional instructions and procedures.

The software Studio Kontact generates a content expertise structured, to power the software suite Vogof Player and Kontact Player.

Vogof Player offers comprehensive functions necessary for handling digitized instructions enriched, and a full experience of human-system interaction by voice. With the editor Vogof Studio for the creation of digitized enriched instruction and management of information feedback from the field, Vogof Player integrate into customer business process.
Kontact Player is a tool of transmission of know-how, which operates with generated content Studio Kontact. The software Kontact Player is used in the context of training in the workplace, Recall formation, or training on real workstations simulated.

Studio Kontact provides assistance to the expert in his tasks capitalization of know-how type “procedural” or integrated into a “business gesture“.

The capitalization of procedural expertise is performed using a photo editor / videos, fully controlled by a virtual assistant. This virtual assistant offers instruction elements and procedures, allows natural language dialogue between the expert and his assistant.

For the capitalization of integrated skills in a business gesture, Studio Kontact offers the selection of video, based intelligent filters, and a link to the associated procedure.

Integrated into a process of management of field experience feedback, Studio Kontact offers to take advantage of REX generated with Vogof REX.

Studio Kontact can be specialized for a wide range of business areas or in industry : fabrication, setting, assembly, maintenance, construction, operation and quality control.