Reduce non-quality

Reduce non-quality produced

Production operators undergo information increasingly heavy flow due to increasing regulatory requirements, as well as the manufactured products of the framework. Furthermore, major disruptions will occur in the coming years not only in technological terms but also in human and organizational angles (retirement, loss of know-how). All the production facilities will be affected by these changes in an extended factory logic. This reality needs to fundamentally rethink the provision of information necessary for workplace to reduce the non-quality-induced announced this complexity.

A quality approach, a first approach targets those costs of non-quality production. They can be very high and result :

  • internal abnormalities : received, retouching, pollutions, unnecessary processes, …
  • detection (identification) these anomalies.

Influential factors on quality are not technical factors (critical process parameters etc.), organizational factors (cross etc.) and finally human factors (training in appropriate tools, versatility, skilling, resistance to change etc.).

The proactive assistant guided by the voice, developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, significantly reduces the cognitive load of an operator in carrying out its tasks. It is more concentrated, focused on its action : he commits fewer errors and generates less not quality.

Improving the quality of production lines

The information-gathering process for anomaly detection is made possible to the nearest desktop through intuitive voice interaction and dialogue strategies tailored simplifying the rise of field information. In this sense, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY solutions widely participate in continuous improvement initiatives of the industrial process to reduce non-production quality.