Better use of equipment

Each device comes with its installation documentation and operation / maintenance often in heterogeneous formats and in which the operator struggles to find the information they need at the foot of the machine. The availability of scanned documents only partially fills the need expressed. otherwise, as the operator needs precise answers to his questions, his smart assistant needs to be efficient.

Better use of equipment

4 Major areas of improvement


Coupled with a data mining engine, the voice assistant VOGOF to understanding the need for the operator to go and look in a previously structured documentation a procedure or adequate problem solving strategy.


With solutions from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, it is possible to navigate by voice in a complex set of documents expressing request simply natural language.


Each equipment malfunction is raised in a REX via multi-modal interface to provide a reliable basis and readily analyzable.


Coupled with the device data bus (IoT), the wizard provides access to information by querying directly by voice a box at the foot of the equipment and listening to his answer. It is no longer necessary to have a mobile device to query or display information.