Reliable maintenance

Optimization of maintenance operations

Industrial Maintenance Occupations turn, specialize and are facing ongoing technological developments. In an overall efficiency of research context of the production system, development maintenance technician skills is an important issue for production sites.

The need to optimize maintenance efficiency requires greater use of relevant indicators to measure performance, and better integration of economic concepts. Technological developments such as the introduction of intelligent voice assistant VOGOF type and the development of computerized equipment will have a decisive impact on the reliability and optimization of maintenance operations.

Reliability maintenance operations

3 Major areas of improvement


The use of the voice in the solutions of SIMSOFT indusrty facilitates access to information through an effective mode of interaction, intuitive and hands-free to the maintenance operator.


Compared to conventional tools like MY, GMAO or ERP, VOGOF the solution offers simple access via a smart assistant for troubleshooting trees, to videos, photos, diagrams, in spoken language, in data mining engines or powerful Reasoning Case-Base modules. The operator is better guided in implementing its tasks and maintenance operations are made reliable.


The acquittal of tasks, readings measures if necessary or REX are integrated into a report automatically generated at the time of the interventions.