VOGOF & eXtend

Unleashing the power of voice to enhance the performance of your technicians.
A range of operational tools of industrial voice guidance.

digital work instructions guided by voice

A voice AI that extends your existing software

Experience quickly the voice in your factories !

Transmission of knowledge in the industry trades


Smart Kit VOGOF

“Quickly experience the benefits of voice and intelligent assistance for your business”

Smart Kit VOGOF – instantly usable

The Smart Kit VOGOF concentrates the best technology SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and allows full user experience for voice guidance technicians in industrial production, quality control, metrology and maintenance.

Smart Kit VOGOF contains* :

  • A hardened case

  • A Windows tablet 12 '' with hardened shell

  • A headset Bluetooth wireless

  • A listing editor of simple instructions

  • A complex instruction sheet (demonstration)

  • A month of instruction sheets creation service

  • 1 year leasing VOGOF (Vocally Assisted Operations, powered by SPIX).

  • 2 hours distant training

*details on request / quotation

Smart Kit VOGOF may be supplemented by thematic studies of ergonomics and materials into an operational tool adapted to your operators and their working environment. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY owns a unique expertise in the integration of voice interfaces in complex industrial environments.

Further work can be done with the office methods and management information systems to integrate this tool into your production system.

VOGOF system

“Revolutionize your production or maintenance process by deploying a complete solution for voice assistance”

VOGOF system - operational voice guidance

Unleashing the power of voice and intelligent assistance to help your technicians to focus on achieving their tasks. The VOGOF System (Vocally Assisted Operations, powered by SPIX) includes all software, materials and methods necessary for the implementation of a voice guidance from your desktop methods to your field technicians. Secure and interventions ensure the reliability of your operators. Reduce non-quality and increase your industrial performance.

VOGOF system - operational voice guidance

Go now to the intelligent voice assistant of your technicians :

  • Acquire a complete sytem VOGOF adapted to your needs and to your software and hardware constraintes,

  • order thematic studies to ensure you make the right choice in terms of ergonomics, equipment, of your existing interface, or working method.

The VOGOF system is an operational production tool for your technicians :


VOGOF under my control is my service. I'm still responsible for my actions.


VOGOF makes my daily work easier. I'm more focused on my job.


VOGOF knows my job, it effectively helps me.


VOGOF secures my interventions for critical or dangerous steps.


VOGOF works perfectly in my work environment.


VOGOF helps me train myself while working


“Boost your existing applications with the power of an intelligent voice assistant”

eXtend – the power of voice in your applications

Embed the power of voice and intelligent assistance in your internal tools to simplify the use of your applications by your technicians, and quickly introduce a breakthrough innovation in your workshops. eXtend provides access to unit functions VOGOF system (Vocally Assisted Operations, powered by SPIX) and intgrate them inn your internal solutions.

eXtend integrates into your existing applications to enrich all the functions where voice interaction and intelligent assistance has a real added value :

Allow your technicians to orally state the measurements.

Allowing an acknowledgment of completion of tasks by voice.

Raise and qualify defects simply by voice.

(REX) à chaud : generate structured and comprehensive findings.

help your operators in solving their problems