Markets / Benefits

Secure - Robustify - Optimize - Control

Industrial players involved in voice assistance to their operators


VOGOF benefits to the area Automobile

final quality control

Battery assembly

Observation defects

job training


Avantages VOGOF pour l'Énergie

Survey findings

Inspection of installations

Site supervision

Taking measurements


Avantages VOGOF pour l'aéronautique

complex Maintenance

Satellite Payload

assembly of parts



Benefits VOGOF for construction field

Cranes driving

buildings maintenance

Taking measurements

Failure Analysis


Benefits for the Industry area VOGOF

Fault analysis

product quality control

Fault diagnosis

Taking measurements

Benefits of using a voice assistant workplace


Securing operators intervention by a restoring contextual safety information for the technician.


Reduce errors and non-quality produced, when performing complex or lengthy tasks.


Saving time on tasks carried out by experts, and guide step novice technicians.


Leading the completion of each work step on the field, generate reports and return on experience; structured experience.

Improve productivity

improve productivity

The industry of the future (Industry 4.0) meets a imperative : modernize the productive apparatus and support industrial companies in transforming their business models, their organization, their modes of design and marketing by digital.

The new technologies of the industry of the future, as additive manufacturing or the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial, upset the depth industries. From design to after-sales service through the intelligent networking product development and logistics, Industry of the future regarding all stages of the value chain and all actors, any size and any industry.

The process must be more flexible, smart, effective and sustainable. The major challenges are related to mobility and the question of the role of the human in an increasingly automated production environment.

To achieve this level of demand and create intelligent process control and decision support to improve production, the Smart voice assistant like the VOGOF system from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY have a role to play.

Improve productivity with VOGOF

Reduce non-quality produced

Reduce non-quality produced

Production operators undergo information increasingly heavy flow due to increasing regulatory requirements, as well as the manufactured products of the framework. Furthermore, major disruptions will occur in the coming years not only in technological terms but also in human and organizational angles (retirement, loss of know-how). All the production facilities will be affected by these changes in an extended factory logic. This reality needs to fundamentally rethink the provision of information necessary for workplace to reduce the non-quality-induced announced this complexity.

Influential factors on quality are not technical factors (critical process parameters etc.), organizational factors (cross etc.) and finally human factors (training in appropriate tools, versatility, skilling, resistance to change etc.).

TheWizard guided by the voice, developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, significantly reduces the cognitive load of an operator in carrying out its tasks. It is more concentrated, focused on its action : he commits fewer errors and generates less not quality.

Improving the quality of production lines

Better use of equipment

Each device comes with its installation documentation and operation / maintenance often in heterogeneous formats and in which the operator struggles to find the information they need at the foot of the machine. The availability of scanned documents only partially fills the need expressed. otherwise, as the operator needs precise answers to his questions, his smart assistant needs to be efficient.

Better use of equipment

Robustify maintenance operations

Optimization of maintenance operations

Industrial Maintenance Occupations turn, specialize and are facing ongoing technological developments. In an overall efficiency of research context of the production system, development maintenance technician skills is an important issue for production sites.

The need to optimize maintenance efficiency requires greater use of relevant indicators to measure performance, and better integration of economic concepts. Technological developments such as the introduction of intelligent voice assistant type VOGOF and the development of computerized equipment will have a decisive impact on the reliability and optimization of maintenance operations.

Reliability maintenance operations