Intelligent Voice Assistant operational at CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE

industrial CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE, activity area of the production of scientific and technical instrumentation for automotive, is convinced by the Wizards Intelligent Voice of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

The need : Leveraging their expertise !

Continental Automotive Toulouse, has a fifty high technology production lines with methods which are particularly complex.

Using the Intelligent Voice Assistant from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY will allow to capitalize tips and best practices technicians during machine breakdowns. This operational tool will also allow to transmit knowledge-make between teams of day and night shifts, including weekends. Technicians will remontis the abnormalitys machine maintenance, do follows repair procedures, etc..

The industrial objectives:

– capitalize feedback interventions hot, enhance the technical expertise

– enable a Machine service technician to access already made repairs

– provide access to stocks of spare parts in SAP, a fit order depending repairs conducted

This operational tool SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, allows CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE reduce non-quality saddle production and save time on repairing machines, and all thisthrough SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

Cases of application image with the participation of Mr. André GONCALVES, Focus FactoryManager de chez CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE.