In the skin of a product tester !

William Merlin, responsible for testing products SIMSOFT INDUSTRY explains the scenes of his craft.

There are several steps before delivering a product to a customer :

The first step is whether regressions were created as a result of changes or bug fixes. In that case, Continuous tests automatically activate whether the entire operation of the product base are green. If the feedback is negative, the process is stopped immediately and corrective measures are implemented.

The second step is to perform a complex manual of tests to evaluate the performance and robustness of the product.

The last step is to replicate the use cases and our client environment to see if all the place of the range correctly answers his need.

That is why, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY invested in a dark room in order to repeat the noisy environment of a factory to allow the tester to check the quality of the product.

In my video, I offer two cases of application : an automated test in a quiet environment and a second in a noisy environment to show you the real difference.

Good viewing !