the Labège 18 June 2019 : quickly Experience the benefits of voice and Intelligent Voice Assistant within your company through the Smart Kit VOGOF.

Embark your technicians in the testing of a breakthrough innovation in the industry earnings 4.0. Give voice to users !

Le Smart Kit VOGOF par SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, it is a concentrate of innovation and artificial intelligence available to all. Smart VOGOF Kit is a true operational tool :

  • Robust and transportable case hardened
  • A Windows 12 "tablet with hardened shell
  • A headset wireless bluetooth
  • A listing editor of simple instructions
  • A complex instruction sheet (demonstration)
  • A month of instruction sheets creation service
  • 1 year rental software VOGGOF (Vocally Assisted Operations)
  • 2 hours distant training

Why a Smart Kit VOGOF ?

An intelligent voice assistant to industry technicians service ! A breakthrough innovation, an operational tool ... the greatest challenge for us is to gain acceptance by operators and industry technicians.

Therefore SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, sets up an offer VOGOF Smart Kit to allow you to test an innovative solution, the voice, and voice guidance directly in your workshop with operators.

"With Smart Kit VOGOF, finished measures recopies on paper sheets : I verbally told him the result of my measurement, VOGOF confirms, Here we go ! »

Paul, métrologue machining

What do I do with a Smart Kit VOGOF ?

With Smart Kit VOGOF, your technicians have access to all functions of the intelligent voice assistant VOGOF and operating equipment for its implementation in your workshops. Your technicians can instantly :

  • Experiencing a voice guidance system without programming,
  • Evaluate voice guidance for their field of activity,
  • To use intelligent voice assistant offline
  • Check the operation of the solution in a noisy environment

Question : You want to control your Smart Kit VOGOF ?

Reply : It's simple : request more information

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