Labège, the 12 June 2019 – The opening night of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY will be held on Wednesday 12 June 2019. On this occasion technical presentations and demonstrations will be made to expose the Wizards Intelligent Voice SIMSOFT Industrialists INDUSTRY guests. Mr. CHERUBIN, Mayor Labège will kick off the evening.

ImagineSIMSOFT INDUSTRY, 6 years after its creation with local 500m² and nearly 30 employees ... It was however well the bold project 3 Toulouse founders of the company, And that's just the beginning! 

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY, if you finde in 2013 

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is created by 3 Leny founders TURMEL, André Joly et Philippe CRESPIN here font equal audacieux de développer et des concevoir Assistants vocaux intelligents dédiés aux techniciens Industriels de l'industrie et de particulièrement aux tâchesmaintenance, d & rsquo; assembly, metrology and quality control

Initially the company wanted to finance its development through projects industrial, with those who believed very early in the project. This step has validated the market and offers SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

After five years of activity and its strong industrial references, the company strengthens its capital, its image and its commercial activities. Financial partners, Bouygues Capital Venture, IRIDI Soridec BPI and France provide the funding necessary to create a true industrial software editor in Occitan region.

The company evolving, leaves SICOVAL Prologue nursery in 2019 and moved to the California always local in Labège. With 14 major players in the industrial sectors as references, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY registered company walk-in dynamic "Industry of the Future", and now becomes the European leader of Intelligent Voice Assistant for the industry.

VOGOF, Product dreamed operators… 

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the system VOGOF (Vocally Assisted Operations) :  intelligent voice assistant dedicated to industry technicians. This voice assistant allows manufacturers to secure technical interventions, reliability of the tasks, optimize complex operations and master the field of information feedback.

The system is a VOGOF tool forthe technicians, allowing them to use voice operably workplace. What does that mean? 

  • Assistant, VOGOF under my control is my service. I'm still responsible for my actions.
  • Vocal, VOGOF makes my daily work easier. I'm more focused on my job.
  • Intelligent, VOGOF knows my job, it effectively helps.
  • Reliable, VOGOF secures my interventions for critical or dangerous steps.
  • Operational, VOGOF works perfectly in my work environment.
  • Former, VOGOF helps me train myself while working

To achieve this, the company adopts a approach« technician centered". INDUSTRY SIMSOFT work directly with field technicians to study all the modes of voice interaction and suitable vocabulary, to ensure product acceptability in the workshops. In addition, these are often noisy and off-grid ...

And all this, live interaction by voice to free the hands oftechnicians and help them stay focused on theirjob ! 

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