Improve productivity

improve productivity

The industry of the future (Industry 4.0) meets a imperative : modernize the productive apparatus and support industrial companies in transforming their business models, their organization, their modes of design and marketing by digital.

The new technologies of the industry of the future, as additive manufacturing or the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial, upset the depth industries. From design to after-sales service through the intelligent networking product development and logistics, Industry of the future regarding all stages of the value chain and all actors, any size and any industry.

The process must be more flexible, smart, effective and sustainable. The major challenges are related to mobility and the question of the role of the human in an increasingly automated production environment.

To achieve this level of demand and create intelligent process control and decision support to improve production, intelligent voice assistants SIMSOFT INDUSTRY have a major role to play.

Improve productivity with VOGOF

3 Major areas of improvement


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY solutions are centered action and decision support; the operator at the workstation awaiting clear instructions and contextualized information to carry out its task or solve his problem.


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY solutions are 100% mobiles, whether on tablet, smartphone or watch connected. Freed from the constraints of the computer station at the chain end, the operator instant access to information directly at the place of performance of its tasks.


Knowledge of the context and problem analysis put together by the operator via the proactive assistant developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY allows the prevention of abnormal or dangerous situations. better informed, put in a position of vigilance, the operator is aware of the potential danger and closer to its security and that of its environment.