Kontact Player

Software and transfer technical know-how

“Transmission of technical know-how in an industrial production environment”

The software Kontact Player is a tool for transmission of technical know-how and industrial, who carries pictures materials / Videos enriched by business experts with the software Studio Kontact.

The use of Kontact Player is part of an overall strategy of transmission of knowledge and skills in a training context, training workplace, or training on real workstations simulated.

The software Kontact Player allows to exploit content expertise structured, and can interact with more Vogof Player.

Kontact Player A reporting tool know-how type “procedural” or integrated into a “business gesture“.

The transmission of knowledge procedural or integrated into a business gesture is made with enriched content on the basis of photos and videos. The distribution of this content is entirely controlled by a virtual assistant. This virtual assistant offers instruction elements and business processes associated with the training content, and allows natural language dialogue between the expert and his assistant.

Embedded in a global knowledge management process, Kontact Player can also use the experience feedback generated with Vogof REX.

Kontact Player adapts the content generated with Studio Kontact, and can be specialized for a wide range of business training or industrial areas : fabrication, setting, assembly, maintenance, construction, operation and quality control. Kontact Player is used on real workstations, actual or simulated.

voice recognition software

voice to facilitate training

The use of voice (voice synthesis and voice recognition) in a training environment allows the operator to better integrate the information transmitted: visual information coupled with a voice information.

assistance to understand

A proactive assistant asks questions, validates the passage of the different stages of training. Wizard Kontact Player may return to the unassimilated concepts, and maximize the understanding of the proposed educational content.

Dialog Manager

Dialogue to simplify

natural language dialog functions offered by Kontact Player allow easier interaction between the operator training and digital content presented. Simplifying interactions maximizes the assimilation of knowledge proposed.

Kontakt Player is a complete solution that includes interface means adapted to your operators and their training environment :