SIMSOFT INDUSTRY au salon cyan 2018 (K 30, Hall 4)

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY a le plaisir de vous convier au salon Sian 2018 In Toulouse. Discover innovative and operational applications services industrial production operators.


La CCI Toulouse makes us happy to be involved in the dynamics of solution providers of & rsquo; industry 4.0. The SIANE salon Toulouse is the & rsquo; opportunity to highlight our breakthrough innovations dedicated to the technicians of the & rsquo; future industry. La visibilité de la CCI de Toulouse nous permet de toucher un plus large public.”, highlighted André Joly, CEO SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.


La 13ème édition du SIANE confirme son positionnement de « 1the salon industrial du Grand Sud » avec plusieurs espaces d’exposition dédiés aux solutions pour la mise en oeuvre de l’usine de demain ainsi qu’un espace permettant la réalisation de rendez-vous B to B ciblés.”, specifies the & rsquo; organizing team of the show.



SIMSOFT INDUSTRY développe des Assistants Vocaux Intelligents, guided by voices, capables d’aider les opérateurs de la production industriels, on manufacturing process, d & rsquo; assembly, maintenance or & rsquo; operating. These wizards allow the transmission of & rsquo; information at the workplace, but also to collect the return of & rsquo; hot experience of operators in progress tasks or & rsquo; complex operations.

Toute l’équipe de SimSoft Industry est très fière de vous accueillir sur le salon SIANE du 23 the 24 October 2018… visit site : Stand Industrie du Futur, K 30 – Hall 4 !”




SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is a software editor, European leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants guided by voices, dedicated to the technicians of the industry 4.0.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is a Young Innovative Company (JEI), AI player in France, which designs and develops Intelligent Voice Assistant for industry. Developments SIMSOFT INDUSTRY reposition men and women at the heart of Industry 4.0, and participate in’improving industrial performance in Europe.

Intelligent assistants and proactive voice of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY specialize in voice guidance of operators, and in the structuring of their Returns of experience. They rely on the expertise of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY on capitalization and transmission of knowledge and feedback.

Since its creation in 2013, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY conduit R effort&D to develop operational solutions and provide businesses with tools adapted to the production of business : fabrication, assembly, maintenance, and operating. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY conducts developments with a double technological and societal approach, the introduction of social sciences and ergonomics early in the requirements specification.